Friday, December 21, 2012

End of the World

The end of the world is here.

I can honestly say I am glad that it isn't really (thus far) here.

Life is tough enough as it is without having to contend with hungry zombies, or the more mundane issues of escaping a toasty demise, ravaging diseases, serious hunger,or radiation sickness.

Who knows, I might be proven wrong by the end of this day. Doesn't it usually go by "end of business day" with these things?

I know that at least some of the people who were waiting to see what happens will come out seriously disappointed. After putting all that effort into survival gear, canned food, even radioactively shielded expensive bunkers - seeing December 21st 2012 as just another day will sort of burst their bubble, and max out their credit cards in a miserable way.

But I choose to be optimistic. The end of the world can come at any time. Surprise! that's what the universe is all about, right?