Sunday, March 30, 2008


This is my new home away from home!
Make yourself comfortable, there are only cardboard boxes around for now, as the comforter couches are en-route and due to arrive in a couple of days at the most! ;)
If you want to have a look at previous posts (and not those from 2004), just head down this address: Blurry Mind and read and enjoy!
I left Tblog simply for the lack of autosave.. the small but so important things in blogging life!
My about box shows info about my late brother.. but this is not the blog about my brother.
If you'd like to read about my brother, you're welcome to visit the memorial blog I opened in his honor and memory: For Tsiki - be warned, it is mostly in hebrew.
I hope my time here will be most fruitful and enjoyable.
Comments are always welcome on my blog. I like reading them, answering them (some times) and returning comments to my fellow bloggers.
What is it all about? the thoughts I fish out of my blurry mind. If I see a movie, think of something, got a grudge to grrr at, or anything else - this is where my e-pen will go.
So, wish my luck, it's a jungle out there!