Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A break from Money Making

All that researching and posting and whatnot makes me tired.
So, I decided on a post about my favourite subject: Vacation.
I've been daydreaming about vacationing. Going somewhere nice and having a good rest for the body and soul.
I don't care too much for the beach (I like the sea, but being in the sun for too long is bad for the complexion and my head), but I like good/great hotels and good locations.
And I crave a colder weather. We're having a merciless summer here and my guess this winter won't carry much rain.
Maybe that's why I like Switzerland. Even in the height of summer, their temperatures don't come close to the Israeli summer. And there's always a snow peaked mountain not too far off sight.
It's not just the weather. I like the green shades of the lush scenery and the bounty of water. those of course can be found in many other places in europe as well as other locations.
I miss waterfalls that have plenty of water, I miss having a weather that carries no dust, only clean and fresh air. I miss having peace of mind and no pressures of work and worries of day-to-day life.
And I am taking steps to make that kind of life a reality.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Make Money (FAST) Schemes/Plans - Part II

Basically, most of the money on the world wide web flows through ads. Selling stuff over the internet. Whether it's loans, houses, cars, or a pen - they all need to advertise in order to get customers to come in and maybe buy some of their merchandise.

So, they put their ads wherever they can. All those pop-ups everywhere, and especially on high-traffic web sites such as news websites, search engines, and popular blogs are their to catch the eye of the right customers.

Google perfected this system with its Ad-sense system. They use text only ads that are not intrusive, and are not of the pop-up kinds. They also specialize according to the context of the text in said page. If a post or a search is about cars for instance, you'll see only ads that are related to cars, such as cars sales, car loans, and so on.

So, in order to make money online, you have to connect to the advertising business somehow. whether it's to promote your business or product, or someone else's. Either way, you'll need to get the word out there and do it in a broad and yet precise way.

You want your message to reach the people who will want to buy your product. That's why context ads are so good for business. Sure, you can bombard a massive mailing list with your ads, but even if that provides you some business (a small percentage would like your product or service) you will get so much more people who'll simply hate you for spamming them with ads for stuff they neither need nor want.

The whole advertising business is going towards that direction. They can see where the wind is blowing even if spam kings refuse to. Also, it's cheaper in a way. You don't need to show your ad to everyone all of the time, but just to some of the people, some of the time.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Make Money (FAST) Schemes/Plans - Part I


I've been rummaging through my e-books, net articles, and google to find money making schemes or plans that actually work. I didn't come out empty handed, but It's obvious that finding stuff that actually work, or at least sounds like it actually work is no simple task.

The amount of information and words about the subject is staggering. Google "money" for instance, and you get 98,400,000 results. Google "make money", and you get a whopping 203,000,000 results!

It's an ongoing quest, and I'm going to post about it in parts.

As these posts will become a part of this massively gigantic interest of people, I naturally hope more traffic will be generated here and more guests will come to read and respond.

I started with audio books. Reason being that it's more convenient for me to absorb on my way to and from home in my car. I listen and take pointers from those lessons. For me, its much easier than reading the stuff, especially as my attention span is pretty short. Being in the car makes me partly a captive audience, and it's comfortable too.

The first thing I noted to myself was this: If all these people who make the audiobooks/cassetes/ebooks really know how to become mega-rich or millionaires, why do they bother with writing or recording this material? As they're already millionaires, unless their philantropist side is over-developed, they should be jetting around the world, or relaxing in their vacation home of choice. No?

I accept that there are people that do want to give back to their fellow men (and women) and share their insights, and in general do good. But they are not too many.

So, why do they need to sell their ebook, or course package with 3 free gifts for 79.99 dollars?

Did you get to this line okay? :) good!

Naturally, they're not millionaires, or maybe they are, but are always hungry for more. I know that human greed is a very powerful and ever-hungry incentive.

Do they know the secret to becoming a millionaire? possible. If enough people believe them, they'll buy their merchandise, and someone will become rich. (although it might just be the seller)

A week or so ago, a friend of mine had her email account hijacked and mail forwarded to her address book contacts telling them all that she's stranded without a air ticket, passport, or cash, and would they please send her 2500 dollars to this and this address (in Nigeria by the way) so she can come back home..

That's one way of making money. Very dishonest and ugly, but possibly effective. Out of, say a hundred contacts, there's a chance that at least one or two would send some money to help a friend or a relative in a bind.

It's all really a numbers game. When you try to sell anything from a book to a broken toy, you try to throw your net as wide as possible. The bigger the net, the more chances someone will get caught in it. And when the numbers are really big, you don't need a terribly big percentage of "biters" caught.

The internet is the classic example. It's the first time in history that a single individual has been able to reach millions of people, and not only that, but it's cheap, or at times even free of charge (other than internet connection charges)!

The first example of way of thinking that I came by is "Multiple Streams Of Income". The idea being this: In this day and age, of financial instability and a world depending even more on a capitalistic way of living, relying on just one or two streams of income is not enough any more.

One needs more. more ways of making money, that will provide support in case the main streams are cut off. In other words: what happens if you got cut back, and cannot find a new job for over a year?

Nothing good I suspect. You may just find yourself out on the street once your savings are gone.

The idea is not to hold multiple jobs at the same time. that would rob you of sleep and defeat the purpose. What's the purpose? To be financially free and clear.

More to come..

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

What would you ask God for?

As the title suggests: what would you ask God for, if you had a chance to sit with him/her for a nice conversation?
Many philosophical thoughts arise from this question, as well as from the situation itself.
I'm trying to find some smart answers to this question as I'm in the process of writing a book, where God is one of the main characters.

Googling the question brought me the expected smart-assy answers such as: "Explain your own existence", "I'd ask what God thinks of that song by Joan Osbourne", "I believe that there is no god, so I have no question to ask"

By the way, for people who don't believe in god, this is simply a question to ask someone very wise, very experienced, that has such vast amounts of knowledge and good sense which any answer from him would prove quite valuable.

This question also proves to be most popular. One website for answers shows a total of 857 answers suggested for this single question. Many answers are funny, some sound desperate, a lot are trying to be smart, and quite a few are predictable (like "Why all the pain and suffering?")

I think that being able to ask god questions answers a few of those already. It proves he/she exists and that would give me peace for one. Knowing that there is a higher being that sees us and touches our lives (for good or for worse) is comforting in some strange way.