Tuesday, April 21, 2009


We're undergoing construction in our apartment. It means we're not living in it for a while.

We (or more correctly, my girlfriend) covered most of the furnitures and doors with plastic covers so as to minimize the amount of dust and debris we'll have to clean later.

Even so, I'm pretty sure it's going to look like a bosnian bomb site after we come back.

But.. we'll have a beautiful renovated bathroom and toilet to cheer us up while cleaning and eating dust :D

On another note, today is holocaust remembrance day here in Israel, and soon Fallen Soldiers remembrance day and Independance day will all follow. I bow my head and think of all the dead that had fallen back then and since that made all independance days possible and all other days here in Israel as well.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Media Streamer / Earth Quakes

This is Digitech HDX-1000 Media Streamer. and I received it today!

It basically can play most media files (including High Definition movies) on your tv.

I had my eye on it for a long time, saved each month, and now I finally bought it!

This, along with a bigger TV will transform our living room into a home theatre that's only missing some cushy sofas.

and, on a different note

An earthquake striked Italy this morning. Claiming 50 lives so far, and leaving hundreds wounded and without shelter.

Is it just me, or does it seem as a continuation of a visible rise in the frequency of Seismic events around the world?

It happened in Indonesia, Italy (another, less powerful one struck 3 months ago) , California, Papua-Guinea, South of the Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica and Panama, Mexico, Guatamala and Melburn, Australia. and this is since the beginning of March!

Maybe it's God's wrath, and maybe it's a precursor for things to come, but this along with volcano eruptions, and the melt-crash of that gigantic iceberg makes one want to start re-watching all those disaster movies in hope of picking up some useful tips!

Living in israel and thinking about the bible makes me remember the story of the flood. God gave fair warning before the flood, and no one listened.

I sure hope that's not the case here.