Monday, May 28, 2012

Green eyed monster

Green eyed monster  = Jealousy

We all experience it. Even if we're holier than thou, as long as we're human, we'll be afflicted by it one time or another.

I am always jealous of people who seem to have it made. Now I know that they only have it made in one area (more than others) in their life, and that the same force that driven them to be successful in it, doesn't stop when they reach that goal - thus making for a pain in the ass.

But in our society and time, success is measured by material achievements. Money, property, fame.

It makes for a shallow focus, and when people see other people in that way, the "the neighbour's lawn is greener" effect is magnified incredibly.

This can cause an abundance of trouble, and usually does.

Wars were started and lives were lost because of jealousy.

It also provokes minds, and makes people reach further.

Friday, May 25, 2012

100th Post!

Here we are at the 100th post! 

I stole the graphics, courtesy of Google. thanks Google (and 

As I am running more than just this one blog, it usually isn't that much of a deal. But I noticed that my previous post was no. 99, so I decided to make this one more memorable.

One of the advantage of living in a high-rise (not that high, I'm only on level 8/25), is you get to see a big patch of sky when you're sitting down.

I love the sky, it represent freedom, and also knowing that they look almost the same from everywhere (especially at night), It makes you understand how small our world is. Even when you're thousands of kilometres away from home.

I found what I want for my birthday :)

If you've seen Minority report, you'll know what I mean..

But even if you don't, it's called Leap 3D, and this is what will inherit the mouse-keyboard combo:

It's 70 USD, but I'm sure the price will drop soon after it comes out. and It beats Kinect so bad, it'll be gone from the market soon after. It is much much more accurate and allows to use your hands for drawing, writing, playing games, playing music, and also browsing or anything else!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Writing books and stories, I always had trouble with endings.

Even when I try and plan the ending in advance, it doesn't quite work. I actually write the ending, but can't seem to reach it, or doesn't stay happy with it enough to want it.

I can blame it on any number of things, but it comes down to my character. Finishing things, or following through, is not one of my strengths.

And it's not because I don't want to. Consciously, I do. But maybe there are undercurrents that don't really want to in my psyche. 

It holds me back from doing a lot of things, not just writing. I got many ideas I don't follow through. I predict failure before I touch ground. It's easier than trying.

Not to say I never try. I do. Even though it scares me.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Stock Market, or 5$ Biotech! (SALE!)

Over the last year I have been investing in the stock market. some in Israeli stocks, and some in the NASDAQ.

I haven't got rich just yet, but I am learning a lot about the importance of patience, and the belief in what to come.

There are two types of investors, and this is not my idea (it's quoted from many other texts):
The first type is the one that's in it for the quick buck. He buys stock, waits for it to rise by a few percent, and sell fast. To be referred to as "The gambler".
The second type, is the one with the long outlook. Meaning, a year or more into the future. These investors are not deterred by the stock value going down, even by high percentage. They look further ahead than the 5 percent revenue.

I belong to the latter. And I must say, it's scary. Even though I am (by no means) not a big investor, over time my portfolio grows, and these days, value changes are more difficult to ignore.

The temptation to sell is great, and the losing stock pose the biggest tempt. You want to stop bleeding money, and the fastest way to do that is to severe the bleeding bit. But it's not necessarily the smartest way.

The desire to make a profit over time gets you thinking and weighing many times over - in which company to invest your money. Check it's history, make sure that even a company that looks good on paper today, is not bound to tumble due to bad management in the future. Stock market investments come before casino gambling in their level of risk (generally speaking), but the difference is that the house does not always win. Also, you can put your money on the chance that a company's stock will lost money (what's called "Short").

One of the stocks I bought, made about 60% in the first week after purchased. By face value, logic dictates that you should take the money and run.. but if you look a bit further than your nose, It's worth keeping this kind of stock over time. Even if the stock will fall from that value (and it did), in years to come the profit will be significantly higher.

Someone did the math, that a person at his thirties, who invested a percentage of his salary, since 2003, each month buying Mcdonalds stocks, would, after about 25 years be a Billionaire. (about 3.1 Billions to be exact). This has been calculated by the stock true figures that shows an average 30% rise a year, every year since 2003.

This is, of course, assuming that he would not spend some of this money before retirement, and that he actually has the money to invest in the first place. Many find themselves needing available funds at one time or another in their lives, and that's why their financial planning is flawed to begin with, or even non-existent.

When you have money in the bank, the temptation to make use of it is higher the less you are used to the fact of having money in the bank. And even when you are used to having a positive sign next to your bank statement, the higher the number is, the bigger the motivation to use it.

When you raise a family, the needs are obvious, and the ability to put money aside and save, is small and under constant pressures.

When you don't have kids, the ability to save is higher, but the need to fill your life with things (maybe as a replacement for the need of kids) is bigger and that also makes it difficult to save.

In short, create a habit, and stick to it. Just like brushing your teeth, or wearing clothes. If you got used to something, there's is a good chance you'll stick with it over time.

So, we might not all become millionaires, but this raises the chance to retire in a respectable and maybe earlier way than expected - many folds over.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Death as a motivator

I read a book recently, that claims that all (or most) of man achievements can be attributed to the fear of death, and the need to leave something behind to be remembered by.

It actually makes a lots of sense. the greatest enemy of man kind is boredom. And that is because boredom leads to depression and grim thoughts.

For myself I notice the same and also in the people around me. When you get bored, you get cranky, unfocused, and on the road to depression.

So, what can we do? think about death?

Well, in a way, yes!

If you lack motivation, think about how much time you have left (approximately) and what you achieved so far. Then, ignore the depression that follow, and put a close-by bulls-eye to look forward to. Learn something new, create something, visit a place you've never been to, and do it soon. If possible, now, or at least today. I know, I'm one of the worst procrastinators in the world. Even short texts don't catch my attention long enough to finish reading them.

Yes, I can attribute it all to my ADD but that would be the easy way out. I love the easy way out, but it doesn't solve anything. It just lets you push the blame towards something other than your own character. People do this all the time. We rather not take responsibility for our faults, or for our actions.

I make this promise to myself, to set small goals and follow them, rather then big goals that I never reach.