Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Bread and Cakes and Cookies

I can only have gluten free food.

It has to do with a medical condition I got.

I'm used to it, and went through the rebellious part where I ate what I shouldn't and tested my limits.

Now the limits are well defined.

My stomach is sensitive even to milk at large quantities. there are better days and not so great days.

It's a pain to have to keep baking your own bread, and not being able to buy bread at the supermarket. Not to mention checking every thing you eat to see if it contains wheat and such.

You get used to it, but it doesn't mean you like it. I don't.

Here in Singapore, it's double-trouble. It seems that the awareness to Coeliacs (people with my condition) is very very low. That means I have to be extra careful, and even so, I am never completely sure my diet is strictly kept.

With not enough time (or will) to prepare every bit of food I ingest, there is no sure way here to abide my diet.

Back in Israel, the law marks food as having gluten in it. It's a big boon. Didn't quite understood it till now.

Now I know.