Monday, May 31, 2010

(Almost) All my bags are packed..

It is said that I should be more psyched, and get excited, scared, or just generally more worried towards this big move.

Well, I chose not to. All in the line of keeping my worry level to a minimum as long as I can.

Of course, my sub-concsious is another matter. At night I grind my teeth and feel the results when I wake up, as well as strained muscles from over-active dreams and flailing.

During the day, I actually look forward to it. It is a great adventure for me to pack up all my belongings, and uproot myself to another place, another culture, so far away from what I know.

I keep myself optimistic and keep reminding myself that where-ever life takes me, it's going to be a good place. both for my soul and for my body.

The fear of change is always lurking behind the shadows, but I will not let it hold me back. Talking about change is cheap, getting the courage and resolution to actually perform a change - that's the real big test.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Signaling Defficiency

IMG00332-20091020-1217.jpg image by thekash786

Here in Israel, A lot of people seems to be having trouble with using signaling lights in their cars.

For me it's somewhat of a mystery. Maybe because I took a while to get my license, or maybe because I know how important it is to keep signaling even when there's no one else on the road to see it.

I remember going on a short car ride with my brother, and when he entered my parents neighborhood, or even before, he "lost" his ability to signal.

When I commented to him about it, he said "it's just in the neighbourhood and it's safe".

Well, laws of traffic don't change inside any urban area. and when you stop signaling in one place it gives an opening for doing the same in other places.

A lot of people drive here like they're on a cross-country rally race. Speeding and slowing and weaving (without signaling of course) in and out of lanes. The laws of traffic seem to pass them by as does common sense.

I seen first hand what this can cause. I had an accident happen in front of my eyes because one of those insane people cut in front of me to bypass a car in the right lane, and crashed head on into a car that did an emergency stop so as to avoid hitting a kid who crossed the road on his bike.

Even after he hit the car, the guy went out of his car and went to the old man sitting shocked in the car he just hit, trying to shift the blame to the kid that crossed the road.

If he wasn't driving so fast with no regard to anyone, that accident could have been avoided. I was lucky to keep good distance so I could brake in time to avoid hitting them both.

Sometimes I think these people drive their cars with a death wish in their hearts.